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‘End of Series’ Provisions Apply to Inventory of ‘Old’ Type Approved Speed Pedelecs

BRUSSELS, Belgium – As of January 1, 2018, the ‘old’ type approval (EU Directive 2002/24) for speed pedelecs has expired. E-bikes of this category must now comply to the type approval based on the EU 168/2013 regulations. It likely results in inventories of unsold speed pedelecs with a 2002/24 type approval which have no license plate and are unregistered. For that inventory ‘End of Series’ provisions have been made....

Taipei Cycle Forum Now Open for Registration

TAIPEI, Taiwan – How can Taiwan companies effectively and efficiently cater to the changed needs of their EU, US and Asia trading partners resulting from the rapid growth of online sales This is the key question the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 wants to answer. The international Conference takes place Friday 23 and Saturday 24 March, 2018 in Taichung, Taiwan and is now open for registration....

E-Bikes Take Lead in Belgian Market

KORTRIJK, Belgium – The Belgian people embraced e-bikes like in no other European market. A recent market study by ‘Velofollies’, the country’s biggest bicycle show, confirmed results of previous surveys which showed that the e-bike is currently the largest bicycle category in Belgium with a market share (in units) of 45%....

Schaeffler Appoints GM at Recently Established E-Mobility Division

HERZOGENAURACH, Germany – Former BMW Executive Dr. Jochen Schröder has been hired by Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG as General Manager of the company’s newly established E-Mobility business division....

Indian Bicycle Makers Switching to Electric Bikes and Scooters

LUDHIANA, India – Taking into account the strong push towards e-mobility with which the Indian government is aiming to (partly) tackle the smog problems in its cities, the country’s biggest bike makers are switching to electric bicycles as well as electric scooters. Next to Hero also India’s second biggest bike maker – Avon Cycles – is increasingly focusing towards ‘electrification’ of its offering....

New Managing Director at Ortlieb

HEILSBRONN, Germany – Jürgen Siegwarth is the new managing director at Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH. At the turn of the year he took over this position at the German bike and outdoor specialist. Jürgen Siegwarth is in charge of general management of the company together with founder Hartmut Ortlieb....

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