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2nd Electronics Powerhouse from Taiwan Enters E-Bike Market

TAIPEI, Taiwan – After Darfon Electronics Corp. entered the e-bike market in 2015, now another computer giant from Taiwan is making its appearance. And this one is even much bigger compared to Darfon. It’s a multi-billion computer laptop, tablet etcetera maker based in Taiwan which is now stepping into the electric bicycle market through one of its subsidiaries....

Jeroen Snijders Blok: ‘Participating in World Cycling Forum Is Must for All Decision Makers’

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands – The biggest in the bike business like prominent e-bike maker Accell Group, will participate in the World Cycling Forum 2019. In particular as this 2-day International Conference is all about the industry’s future. That future will be dominated by sustainability issues and the fight against climate change in which cycling can play a vital role. Chair of the Bicycle Committee at the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry, Jeroen Snijders Blok, says about that role: “...

WTO Ruling Makes Dumping Duties on Regular Bikes Imported from China More Likely to Continue

GENEVA, Switzerland – Initial reports indicate that the World Trade Organization (WTO) decided that China didn’t automatically qualify for market-economy status in 2016. The Chinese government claimed this. This WTO ruling confirms EU’s dumping policies and makes it more likely that dumping measures will again be announced for the import of regular bicycles from China....

E-bike Controller Manufacturer Nanjing Lishui Expands Global Distribution

NANJING, China – Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of e-bike controllers. The company sells more than 1,000 different kinds of customized electronic products to its international customer base. To increase its business, Nanjing Lishui recently announced to open local subsidiaries in Europe and the US....

Battery Cell Production in Europe: Vision or Reality?

FRANKFURT, Germany – Over 1,600 participants gathered last week for the 16th international Battery Experts Forum in Frankfurt, Germany. The event evolved into the leading get together of the battery industry and for the exchange of technological developments. Not for the first time, production of battery cells in Europe was THE leading topic. Will it ever become reality or is it only vision for the future...

World Cycling Forum Participants Can Visit Cycling Lab of Technical University Delft

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands – The upcoming World Cycling Forum, taking place on June 4 and 5 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, offers participants the opportunity to visit the Cycling Laboratory of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). They will be taken on a guided tour by university experts on the morning of June 6, following the conclusion of the second day of the Forum. Here they can get acquainted (free of charge) with the science behind making bicycles and bicycle products better, faster ...

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