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Bike Industry Joins Discussion on Car Communication Regulations

BRUSSELS, Belgium – It is not very common to link the use of cars with bicycles; however Manuel Marsilio, GM of the Confederation for the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), was invited for a keynote speech at the symposium on the ‘Future Networked Car’ on March 8....

Bohle Reports ‘All Signs Point Towards Cycling’

REICHSHOF, Germany – Bicycle tyre supplier Ralf Bohle GmbH, owner of Schwalbe, saw stabilised sales last year. In 2017 the company generated a slight increase in turnover of 1.75% to 174 million euros compared to 2016. “For this year the market outlook is very positive,” says MD Frank Bohle....

Conti Fits Cargo Bikes of Spain’s Postal Service

HANOVER, Germany – Cargo bikes made by Bikelecing (BKL) and fitted with Continental’s 48V eBike system are to make delivery processes more sustainable and convenient for the Spanish postal service ‘Correos’ in the future....

Reminder for Tomorrow’s Taipei Cycle Forum

TAIPEI, Taiwan – This is a reminder for tomorrow’s, Friday March 23, Taipei Cycle Forum 2018. This Conference on the transition of the Taiwan bike industry towards new online focused business models, takes place at the Fullon Hotel – Liphao Land in Taichung, Taiwan....

EU Renews GSP+ Status for Pakistan for 2 Years

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Pakistani exporters can enjoy duty free exports to the European Union for the next two years; 2018 and 2019. The European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade (CIT) has agreed to this recently....

Is Graphene Tyre Revolution Finally Coming?

LOMAZZO, Italy – Is it finally living up to the promises; is the revolution in tyres really coming now It appears so now a new patent has been announced by Graphene producer Directa Plus while bigger orders have been placed by the one and only bicycle tyre maker using this wonder material; Vittoria....

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