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The Truth on Cycling’s Contribution to Stopping Climate Change

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The EU transport sector alone stands as the single biggest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting economic sector, exceeding 1990 emission levels by around 20% and accounting for about 25% of all GHG emissions. In the context of the COP24 Conference currently taking place in Katowice, Poland and with the worrisome climate forecasts, it’s time to get to the truth of what cycling is able to contribute to stopping climate change. The European Cyclists Federation (ECF) made that fact very...

Growing Dumping Worries Trigger Trade ‘Creativity’ Among E-Bike Exporters in China

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Will a major move of the e-bike production out of China come in the next months That question was widely discussed at the last month held Taipei Cycle Show. This was caused by the fact that finally the dumping message has sunk in among Chinese e-bike producers and exporters. It is drastically changing their attitude towards the anti-dumping issue. There was first indifference; now there’s outright panic....

Market Report: E-Bike Sales in Denmark Growing to Maturity

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – With an import that quadrupled in the past five years and a market share that is nearing ten percent, e-bikes are growing into a significant force on the bicycle market in Denmark. This is what the 2017 numbers indicate with unfortunately the latest on 2018 still missing. However, also in Denmark the warmest summer in history that ‘baked’ the biggest part of Europe with multiple heatwaves also accelerated (electric) bike sales in Denmark....

Cycertec Launches Bike More Bags

The brand name Bike More was not new to Cycertec for its cycling apparel portfolio. The Taiwanese company has expanded its range outside its regular offering. For Trekking Bike More developed a under saddle bag made of 100 percent waterproof TPU....

TBS Upgrades Power Meter in Valve-Cap

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It weighs only 10 grams. The Arofly power meter looks like an odd, oversized valve cap screwed onto the back tyre valve. The newly presented second generation called Arofly Elite just won a Taiwan Excellence Award 2019....

Best Practice in Omni-Channel: the Stella Success-Story

NUNSPEET, the Netherlands – The introduction of new business models on the Dutch retail market was disruptive for the regular IBD business in the past years. Especially the rapidly expanding e-bike market attracted many new brands, webshops and start-ups launching new sales concepts. One of them was Stella e-bikes. Two young entrepreneurs saw the potential of the e-bike market in combination with a strong online presence. Only eight years ago, Daan van Renselaar and Wilco van de Kamp started Ste...

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