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Toys“R“Us to Close 735 US Stores

WAYNE, USA – Yesterday the toy chain store giant Toys“R“Us announced it will close or sell all its 735 stores in the US. The financially struggling company worked on a restructuring plan after asking for chapter 11 insolvency on 19 September 2017....

Also Specialized Now Switching to Omni-Channel

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – Specialized is the next renowned brand to introduce omni-channel in Europe. For the roll-out of this distribution strategy the company uses its S-Connect digital processing system. It provides consumers the opportunity to check real-time product availability at the dealer and order online as well....

Demand by e-Car Makers Like Tesla Has No Impact on E-Bike Battery Prices

ASCHAFFENBURG, Germany – An (again) important theme at this year’s Battery Forum, which was held end of February, was the availability of battery cells. The world production stands currently at 80 billion cells. However, when viewing a campaign by a large German car manufacturer it shows that they need around 200 billion cells for their output of e-cars by 2020! And that number is not even taking others into account like Tesla....

Pexco Paid Tribute Visit to Husqvarna Group

HUSKVARNA, Sweden – To celebrate Husqvarna’s re-entrance as a brand name on the bicycle market via Susanne Puello’s Pexco GmbH, she recently paid a tribute visit to the former production location of Husqvarna. The visit also marked the official market entry of Husqvarna branded e-bikes in Sweden....

Type-Approved E-Bikes Not In Future Noise Legislation

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Recently an important step has been taken by the European Commission concerning the regulations for type-approved e-bikes. An EU proposal regarding noise emissions was adopted by the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations....

Agenda Finalised for Taipei Cycle Forum

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The main theme of the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 that takes place next week on Friday March 23 in Taichung, is ‘Taiwan bike industry in transition’. This theme has everything to do with current growth of online sales. This brings profound consequences for Taiwan’s industry....

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