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One Million E-Bikes Sold in Germany in 2018; Up 36 Percent!

BAD SODEN, Germany – E-bikes are boosting the German bicycle industry as the sales volume hiked by a staggering 36 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. No less than 980,000 units were sold last year. Today every one out of four bicycles sold in Germany is an electric one....

New Dimensions Added to Next Week’s Taipei Cycle Show

TAIPEI, Taiwan – This year’s Taipei Cycle will be very different compared to former ones. New dimensions are added to the event presenting it with a different look and feel compared to the 31 previously held editions of the Taipei International Cycle Show. The 32nd edition kicks off next Tuesday with the Demo Day while the show itself opens on Wednesday March 27 and runs to Saturday March 30....

Bohle’s Schwalbe Tyre Sales Reach Record Levels

REICHSHOF, Germany – Bicycle tyre supplier Ralf Bohle GmbH, owner of Schwalbe, increased its revenue by nearly 8 percent last year. “The warm and sunny weather made it an outstanding year for the entire bicycle industry”, said Ralf Bohle GmbH’s MD Frank Bohle. “We increased our sales to 187 million euro, an increase of 13 million over the previous year”....

Paris Celebrated Return of Public Bike Show

PARIS, France – France and Paris are again looking to have a successful publicly accessible bicycle and e-bike show. At least this can be concluded from the very first Salon Vélo-in-Paris that took place from March 8 to 10 and attracted some 8,000 visitors. Is this initiative final breathing new life in a bike show in France since the renowned “Mondial du Deux Roues” Show is concentrating on cars and motorcycles only...

Moustache E-Bike Manufacturer Welcomes New Shareholder

PARIS, France –French e-bike manufacturer Moustache Bikes announces the sale of 55 percent of its shares to LBO France. This private equity company took over all the Moustache shares that were owned by Initiative & Finance, an investment fund that participated in Moustache Bikes since 2015....

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