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Taichung Bike Week Struggling with 2018 Dates

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Will Taichung Bike Week 2018 take place in the same constellation and hotels of Taichung’s business district Today, on the third day of the event, which opened its doors on Tuesday, this became THE pressing question. The new Taipei Cycle 2018 end of October show dates is causing a lot of turmoil among the exhibitors in Taichung this year. And particularly now, as visitor numbers lag behind compared to previous years....

Thun CEO Calls For ‘Affordable Bikes As Basic Transport Mode’

ENNEPETAL, Germany – For Alfred Thun, CEO of Thun, the two mega-trends of population growth and urbanization will have a major impact on the global bicycle industry. “Cars, regardless of whether they are running on fuel or electricity and irrespective of their private or shared use, are way too expensive and big and hence totally inadequate for the extended use in large cities and megacities,” says Alfred Thun. ...

Velox Invests in Wheel Building Machinery

PARIS, France – Founded in 1903, the company Velox has been restructured completely since Patrick Guinard’s acquisition in 2011. “Our financial results are positive again and our turnover is increasing. Since the start of the year we are receiving more and more orders,” said Velox president and CEO Patrick Guinard....

Bluetooth Communication and Camera Integrated Helmet

COLOGNE, Germany – Sena, known for their Bluetooth innovation for action sports, released an all new helmet for the cycling market at Eurobike....

FFWD Wheels Hires News International Sales Manager

ZWOLLE, the Netherlands – Fast Forward Wheels (FFWD) has hired Edwin Koopmans as the new International Sales Manager. Edwin has been in the bicycle industry for a long time in roles such as product manager at AGU BV and over the last six years he was an international sales manager at Shimano Europe....


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