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Latest EU Commission’s Decision Changed Legal Status of E-Bikes

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Last 19 March the European Commission implemented “Decision (EU) 2019/436 on the harmonized standards for machinery drafted in support of Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.” This announcement didn’t get much attention despite the fact that it is of great importance because it determines the legal status of e-bikes....

Bosch R200 E-Bike Range Test Developed as Industry Wide Standard

REUTLINGEN, Germany – Bosch eBike Systems introduced a standard to measure the range of e-bikes with defined parameters. The standard was developed in cooperation with the German industry association ZIV and supported by Accell Group, Shimano, Velotech and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). With an official DIN publication of R200 forecasted for the end of 2019, it is aimed to serve as a basis for an industry wide standard....

Participating World Cycling Forum Still Possible as There Are Limited Seats Available

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands – Participating in the World Cycling Forum is still possible as there are a limited number of seats left and available. This 2-day International Conference, taking place on June 4 and 5, is all about the industry’s future. That future will be dominated by sustainability issues and the fight against climate change in which cycling can play a vital role....

Halfords UK Cycling Sales Grow Despite ‘Challenging UK Consumer Environment’

REDDITCH, UK – Bicycles and car parts retailer Halfords UK has reported a 24 percent fall in annual pre-tax profit and forecast a flat outcome for the next financial year. However, the company said that a mild winter had boosted cycling, with like-for-like cycling sales up 2.6 percent. This was despite pre-tax profits of GBP 51m (58m euro) for the 12 months to May 2019, down from GBP 67.1m (76m euro) in the previous financial year, even though revenues rose 1.1 percent on a like-for-like basis t...

American Strider Bikes Selects Amsterdam For Its European Headquarters

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Strider Bikes is opening up its European headquarters in the Netherlands. Founded in 2007 in the US, Strider Sports International Inc. is the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of balance bikes....


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